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    Cunzo Mini LED Light for Nano Aquariums


    Brand : Cunzo

    Type : Aquarium LED light.

    Two versions available : Blue LED lights (for marine tanks) and White LED lights (for freshwater aquariums)

    Made of ABS.

    Voltage : 5V

    Power cable : 1 meter

    Size : W11 x H2 x D7 cm

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    AutoAqua Smart ATO Lite SATO-260P

    $39.87 $46.90

    Brand : AutoAqua

    Name : Smart ATO Lite

    Model : SATO-260P

    Dual-optical level sensor

    QST (Quick Security Technology)

    Easy to install with magnetic mount

    No moving parts

    LED light alert

    Smallest ATO system available

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    Noopsyche K7 V3 Reef Aquarium LED Light


    K7 V3 has been discontinued by the manufacturer, the latest version is K7 Pro III, click here.

    Brand : Noopsyche

    Type : Reef aquarium LED light

    Model : K7 Version 3 (V3)

    Full spectrum LED light

    Controllable using a controller (one controller can control up to 30 K7 V3 fixtures)

    Aluminium alloy corrosion resistant

    Manufacturer warranty: 24 months

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    Noopsyche K7 Pro 3 WiFi Reef Aquarium LED Light Full Spectrum


    Brand : Noopsyche

    Type : Reef aquarium LED light

    Model : K7 Pro III WiFi

    Full spectrum LED light

    WiFi controllable (APP)

    Aluminium alloy corrosion resistant

    Manufacturer warranty: 12 months

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    Cunzo Mini Aquarium Acrylic Glass for Saltwater and Freshwater


    Brand : Cunzo

    Type : Nano Aquarium

    Color available: white, black

    Option: Light, heater

    Glass made of acrylic

    Base made of ABS plastic

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    Kamoer X1 Pro T Stepper Pump Single Head with WiFi

    $94.50 $105.00

    Brand : Kamoer

    Type : Stepper pump

    Model : X1 Pro T.

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    A+ A7 II Full Spectrum Reef Aquarium LED Light WiFi APP Controllable


    Brand : A+

    Type : Reef aquarium led light

    Model : A7 II

    Full spectrum LED light

    Aluminum alloy

    Intelligent temperature control

    You can control multiple lights using the APP

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    SunSun JVP Aquarium Wavemaker


    Brand: SunSun

    Type: Aquarium wavemaker

    Model: JVP-110, JVP-120, JVP-100A, JVP-100AB, JVP-101A, JVP-101AB, JVP-102A, JVP-102AB, JVP-200A, JVP-200AB, JVP-201A, JPV-201AB, JVP-202A, JVP-202AB, JVP-402

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    ZKSJ DC Blue Aquarium Water Pump


    Brand : ZKSJ

    Type : Water pump

    Model : Blue 3000, Blue 4000, Blue 6000, Blue 8000, Blue 10000, Blue 12000, Blue 20000, Blue 30000

    Interface : Wired controller

    Adjustable flow

    Sine wave technology

    Silent operation

    Can be used on saltwater and freshwater aquariums

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    Noopsyche K7 Mini 60W Wifi Controllable Reef Aquarium LED Light with Gooseneck Mount


    Brand: Noopsyche

    Type: Reef aquarium led light

    Model: K7 Mini

    WiFi controllable (APP)

    Gooseneck mount

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    Maxspect Gyre 300 Series Aquarium Wavemaker XF330 / XF350


    Brand : Maxspect

    Type : Aquarium wavemaker

    Model : XF330 / XF350

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    Cunzo Mini Paludarium with Lighting and Heater


    Brand: Cunzo

    Type: Mini paludarium

    Color available: white, black

    Option: Light, heater

    Glass made of acrylic

    Base made of ABS plastic

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    Cunzo Mini Heater 5W


    Brand: Cunzo

    Type: Mini heater for aquariums

    Power: 5W

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    ZKSJ Eco DC White and Blue Aquarium Submersible Pump with Controller


    Brand : ZKSJ

    Type : DC aquarium submersible pump

    Models available : White and Blue 1000 L/H, 2000 L/H, 3000 L/H, 5000 L/H, 8000 L/H, 10000 L/H, 12000 L/H

    Input voltage : AC100 - AC240V / 50Hz / 60Hz

    Motor made of ceramic shaft and carbon fiber

    Wired controller included

    Low energy consumption

    Silent operation

    Three modes :

    Steady flow mode (20 levels)   

    Wave mode

    Feed mode   

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    Bubble Magus Automatic Roller Filter ARF-S / ARF-M / ARF-L


    Brand : Bubble Magus

    Type : Automatic roller filter

    Model : ARF-S / ARF-M / ARF-L

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    Aqua Excel EC WiFi Protein Skimmer for Saltwater Aquariums


    Brand: Aqua Excel

    Type: Protein skimmer

    Model: AE-EC15, AE-EC20, AE-EC25, AE-EC30, AE-EC40, AE-EC50, AE-EC80

    WiFi (controllable using APP)

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    Mounting Bracket for Noopsyche K7 Pro 2 LED Light


    Brand : Noopsyche

    Type : Mounting bracket

    Original mounting bracket for the Noopsyche K7 Pro II reef LED light.

    Aluminum-magnesium alloy corrosion resistant

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    SunSun JDP Aquarium Submersible Water Pump with Controller / WiFi


    Brand : SunSun

    Type : Aquarium submersible water pump with controller

    Model : JDP-1000, JDP-1500, JDP-2000, JDP-3500, JDP-6000, JDP-10000, JDP-18000, JDP-3500Q (WiFi), JDP-6000Q (WiFi), JDP-10000Q (WiFi)

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    AutoAqua Smart Skimmer Security


    Brand: AutoAqua

    Model: Smart Skimmer Security

    Type: Skimmer overflowing safeguard

    Power Input / Output : 100-240 VAC, 10 Amp

    Max. Power : 1100 W for 110 VAC / 2200 W for 220 VAC

    Skimmer Sensor (US) : - Max. Mounting Thickness : 1/4 inch (6.4 mm) - Wet Side Magnet Size : 20 mm x 13 mm (Diameter x Thickness)

    Skimmer Sensor (EU/UK/AU) : - Max. Mounting Thickness : 5/16 inch (8 mm) - Wet Side Magnet Size : 20 mm x 17 mm (Diameter x Thickness)

    Cable Length : 10 feet (300 cm)

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    Zetlight M1 ZN1050 Mini LED light Dual Color for Saltwater and Freshwater Aquariums


    Brand: Zetlight

    Type: LED light for saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

    Model: M1 (ZN1050)

    Dual color setting: White color (freshwater aquariums), blue color (saltwater aquariums), blue and white colors (saltwater aquariums).

    Controllable using a wired controller.

    Power: 3W

    Dimensions: 20 cm x 5.4 cm x 2 cm

    Cable length: 180 cm

    Suitable for aquarium sizes from 15 cm to 30 cm