Maintenance and cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning supplies for freshwater aquariums

Discover our cleaning and maintenance related products that will help you to keep your freshwater aquarium in check, clean and beautiful.


  • Algae scrapers
    <h1>Algae scrapers for freshwater aquariums</h1> <p>Discover our choice of quality algae scrapers for your freshwater aquarium. Our algae scrapers can help you to clean easily the glass of your freshwater tank.</p>
  • Fish nets
    <h1>Fish nets for freshwater tanks</h1> <p>We own a wide array of quality fish nets for your freshwater aquarium.</p>
  • Gravel vacuum
    <h1>Gravel vacuum for freshwater aquariums</h1> <p>Clean your freshwater aquarium using one of our quality and affordable gravel vacuum product.</p>
  • Glues
    <h1>Glues for freshwater aquariums</h1> <p>We carry affordable and quality glues for your freshwater aquarium. With our glues, you can stick a rock, a decor and any other item you wish inside your freshwater tank.</p> <p>We choose carefully the glues we sell and we can guarantee you that these glues are environmental safe for the livestock of your planted tank.</p>
  • Power batteries
    <h1>Power batteries backup for freshwater aquariums</h1> <p></p> <p>Our choice of power batteries backup for freshwater tanks and available for sale at Aquarium Low Cost.</p>
  • Respirator and...
    <h1>Respirator and surgical face masks</h1> <p>We own a large choice of respirator and surgical face masks to help you protect yourself.</p>

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