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Aquarium Low Cost is a China-based online shop specialized in selling a large choice of aquarium supplies for saltwater and freshwater tanks. By using our dropshipping service you are guaranteed to get very low prices on aquarium items, therefore you will be able to sell our products with a good margin. Whether you sell on your own website, Amazon, Ebay or any other marketplaces, you can sell our products anywhere on internet.


Do I have to get approved to use your dropshipping service ?

Absolutely not! We do not restrict anyone to sell our products. You want to sell our items on your website or Amazon and Ebay ? You are free to sell anywhere on internet without contacting us.

Do you have discount prices if I use your dropshipping service ?

The prices listed on our online shop are already very low, we can only provide discounted prices for customers who can place many orders in a month.

Do I have to pay a deposit to use your service ?

No! You do not have to pay us a deposit. Once your customer place an order on your website, you just have to checkout and pay on our online shop the items your customer bought.

Do you accept return ?

Yes, sure. If your customer wish to return their order for exchange or refund. We can handle it as we have a comprehensive return policy.

Can I use your pictures ?

Yes you can use our pictures.

Do you ship worldwide ?

We can ship anywhere in the world.

Can I use your product descriptions ?

No, you cannot use our descriptions, instead we recommend you to write your own description of products, it will help the SEO of your product pages to have unique content.

What is the shipping timeframe ?

We have two shipping methods : economic (delivered within 15 to 30 days) and fast (delivered within 5 to 15 days). Please remember to inform your customers about delivery time.

Do you add Aquarium Low Cost information on my package ?

No! We never add our company details on all our orders.

How much is the shipping cost ?

Please add first the items you want to buy on your shopping cart, our system will automatically show you the shipping cost according to your delivery address and your products weight.

Can you add an invoice with my company details on it ?

Yes, sure. We can add an invoice with your company information on all your packages.

Is there a minimum spending amount required?

No, you can checkout only one item worth $1 usd and we will ship it to your customer.