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Tai Ping Yang Ju Feng is a China-based manufacturer of led light for aquariums.

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    TPYJF TF-150 Full Spectrum LED Light for Reef Aquariums


    Brand: TPYJF (Tai Ping Yang Ju Feng)

    Type: LED light for reef aquariums

    Model: TF-150

    Full spectrum

    Power: 150W

    Voltage: AC 100-240V

    LEDs: 56 pcs

    Light blue 470-475nm: 14 pcs / Blue 460-465m: 12 pcs
    Deep blue: 440-445nm: 8 pcs Cold white 8500K: 6 pcs
    Purple 415-420nm: 2 pcs / UV 395-400nm: 2 pcs
    Cyan 480-490nm: 6 pcs / Red 620-625nm: 6 pcs
    Green 520-525nm: 6 pcs / Warm white 3000K: 6 pcs

    Touch control and APP (Wifi)

    Bracket included